Unite the Tribe titleGod’s Eternal Purpose

God has a purpose that began before the foundation of the world. That purpose encompasses His Son-CHRIST. The Church as God see’s it, is a people who are consumed with His Son and giving Him a visible image and rule on this earth.

So God is after a people who are consumed with one thing, Christ. They are also consumed with one question, what does He want? And they accomplish that purpose, His purpose in, through and by the indwelling life of Christ.

Realize the church is not the church without Christ. She is only the church because Christ is within her and when she is giving expression to HIM. You will see the church, when you see a group of people living by and expressing the indwelling life of Christ. This is what is means to allow Him to rule and be Head over all things, even the church.

The institution of church for so long has been consumed about our human needs that we’ve eclipsed Christ’s need. Christ has a need to be known and expressed through a body of people. This group or tribe of people, are known by many names, House for God, Bride for Christ, Body for Christ, Temple for the Holy Spirit.

Our Experience

Andrew and I fell in love with God’s eternal purpose and His name is Christ. Christ is the center and circumference of everything God has done, is doing and will do. We exited the institutional church about 10 years ago, and in that time we’ve discovered and experienced God’s Eternal Purpose, as expressed in and through His body. We’ve been apart of that expression for 5 years now. During that time, we experienced what it’s like to live by the indwelling life of Christ, how to function with Christ as the head of his church. We’ve experienced and learned this along with a group of 30-40 people, who have the same vision and desire for Christ to be the center and leader of His church. We are a people who only want what Christ’s wants and we learn together corporately how to implement Christ’s desires, out from and by His indwelling life. We’ve learned how to fellowship with an indwelling Christ and out from that give expression to Him. It is very “other” than anything you’ve experienced in the institutional church setting. This leads us to our desire, to unite the tribe.

Unite the Tribe

It’s not surprising to see a mass exodus from the institutional church today. The Lord is calling his people out into the TRIBE of CHRIST.  God has always wanted a people for himself. But during this exodus we can get tripped up and think we can do things on our own and in our own way. But this type of thinking will only lead us to create something in our own image. He is calling us out so we can express the image of Christ, and in order to do this it’s going to take a new way of doing things.

Bringing together and equipping God’s people for His purpose is the desire the Lord has put on our hearts. All are one in Christ and all things are summed up in Him so there is only one tribe, a new tribe, this is the TRIBE of CHRIST.  The characteristics of this Tribe are a people who are consumed with one person, Christ. They are living by His indwelling life and not their own and in so doing giving expression to Him thus allowing Him to be head over His Church.

Our desire, in, through and by the life of Christ, is to gather together and equip His people for His purpose, to be expressions of the ONE TRIBE-the TRIBE of CHRIST.

If this is something that resonates within you, something that you are longing for please contact us. We would be happy to help connect you with others that are seeking the same thing. We are also happy to connect you with people who can equip your group.