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“Jesus Christ Himself is the final exegesis of all truth.

He is all we need to know about God and all we need to know about man.” Major Ian Thomas

This is the final post in this series; the first two are The Way and The Life if you haven’t read them. In continuing with our analogy of the car, we are going to discover our destination. Jesus said “I am the truth.” Truth is a person, so our destination is a person! Lets look at the word truth in light of it being the person of Christ. The word truth is also translated to reality. So if we substitute the word truth for reality, the phrase, “I am the Reality,” takes on a fuller meaning.

Reality has an interesting definition when we look at it through the lens of Christ.


  1. the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or theoretical idea of them.
  2. the state or quality of having existence or substance.

Using these definitions of reality helps moves us closer to a fuller meaning of “I am the truth.”

Hear Christ saying:   I AM your entire world. I AM the state of all things as they actually exist in heaven and on earth. I AM more than what you are able to see with your physical eyes or comprehend with your mind. I AM the substance and existence of the one true Reality. I AM the sum of all things visible and invisible. I AM not an ideal or theory, I AM a real and living person, and I AM alive today on the earth. Your spirit and mine are one, and you use your spirit to see and comprehend the full Reality of who I am and my purpose. My people know and worship me in spirit and reality. 


We can have a distorted reality when it comes to the person of Jesus Christ. It’s not necessarily negative, just limiting, because it leads to having a very small Christ. Our smallness of truth/reality does not change the enormity of Christ. We have a much bigger Christ than any of us are capable of imagining with our limited minds. We need a bigger Christ, but sometimes our idealistic or theoretical reality of Christ gets in the way. 

For instance, our truth/reality of Christ can be: he came to die for my sins, so I could be reconciled back to God. This is truth/reality, and we’re all very grateful for what he accomplished on the cross. This still falls short, because there’s more to Christ’s reality. He accomplished two needs on the cross to make a complete reality. The first reality fulfills our need to have our sin and it’s nature wiped away, so we could be restored unto him. There’s the other side of the coin, His need, to fulfill his eternal desire for a bride, body, house, and family. The full reality is he took care of our sin and it’s nature, so He could have what he desires. He longs for a counterpart, a bride, just as the first Adam longed for someone who was kind of his own kind, a new humanity. He desires a body to give expression of Himself. He yearns for a house where we both rest. He wants a family who comprehends all together who he is in fullness of His Reality – The ALL and in ALL. In reality today, as believers, Christ is in us and we’re in Him. We get to explore Christ’s reality. We can spend our entire lifetime and still not be able to completely comprehend the full reality of who he is, but what a glorious privilege!


He longs to reveal himself to us, so we can know him in His all-encompassing inclusiveness. He desires to expand our reality of himself in order to accomplish his purpose through his bride, body, house, and family. Paul’s cry towards the end of his life was to know Christ more. This knowing was an intimate knowing. Knowing Christ in fullness of reality through experience. This knowing is far richer than just a collection of truths about Him, it is Him. Our Christ becomes bigger and bigger to us when we are willing to exchange our reality of him for His reality. Let’s move beyond shadows on into the Reality. May our reality of who Christ is be ever-growing. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!


I want to share a couple of songs that were written or rewritten by saints to declare and reinforce the fuller reality of Christ. I’ve attached a recording of a few saints singing these songs, enjoy!

53 I Met My Lord

41 We’re Here to Have a Feast

Featured Image: Flickr by ZEST-PK called “SHADOW” 

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