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I am going to talk about Christ as The Life next in the series and leave the truth for last. In my last post, The Way , we saw that through the new humanity and lowering is the way Christ wants to do things.  I’ll use an analogy of a car to explain, mindful that not any one analogy can fully explain everything, but I hope you can get the heart of what I am conveying.  The body and engine of a car have the necessary parts in place, so it can fulfill its purpose. I see this as the new humanity. The new humanity has all the necessary equipment, like new senses and instincts, to help us know, recognize, and respond to divine life. The driver is the lowering, the car cannot drive itself, it is directed through the steering wheel where the driver wants to go. We can choose to drive the car, or we can let someone else drive the car. For Christ, the driver was his Father. Christ only spoke and did what the Father wanted him to do, so it is the same for us. The driver of our new humanity is Christ when we choose to lower ourselves to give way to the new driver. We trust the driver, because he knows the way to go; he knows the beginning from the end. He is the author and perfecter of faith. He knows how to take us deeper into himself.  So we have the car and the driver, but we need one more thing to make this car move. It’s gasoline! In this analogy, gasoline is the Life.


Gasoline is an energy source that makes a car run. Life is like the gasoline for the new humanity. It is the source of all things to make it run. This life is different, other than human life – its divine life. This life is eternal, everlasting, never falling to decay. There is a never-ending supply of this resource; it is always renewing itself. He’s new everyday.

The definition of source– A place or a person or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

New humanity comes from Christ, and Christ is the source for the new humanity. Life fills the glove of the new humanity to make it come alive, but come alive the way God intended humanity to operate. The car is dependent on gas to run; we too as an expression of this new humanity are dependent on Christ’s life to run. This new humanity cannot run from the source of the old Adam; it needs a new, everlasting, renewing source-Christ.

Jesus is divine life expressed through humanity. This life had a “test run” in and through Jesus’ humanity. It has proven to be more than capable of being our only source of life. Jesus is experienced in knowing, expressing, recognizing, and responding to the life of his Father, and he did it flawlessly. This Flawless LIFE is with in us.

It’s intriguing to me that the words, a place and a person, are included in the definition of source.  Our source is a person and a place, Christ. Life is a place and person. His is the source we need to live by another life, divine life, and not our human life. So when he says I am the life, he is saying I am the source. I’m your source. He says I am the new humanity, that knows how to live by another driver, and I am in you as a source to help you know and express me. I want to live that same flawless, matchless life in and through your new redeemed humanity, and I will be your fuel source. He not only gives us new equipment but also the gas to run the new equipment. Wow!!
SO we have a car, a driver and gasoline, where are we headed? I’ll answer that in the next post on Christ as The Truth.

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