Our Family

We are on a great adventure. Our adventure started out when our family was much younger that it is now. We’ve always had a desire for the church and to see is raised up. We started out our adventure as missionaries to the Ivory Coast. We helped plant churches and work in the mission’s clinic. The Lord refined our desire and us in the process.  After our short time in Ivory Coast, He led us back to the states. Upon our return was the start of another part of our journey. Andrew and Carrie exited the institutional church, not because we were disgruntled but because deep within was a longing for something more. Our longing to discover the “something more” led us to an expression in Gainesville, FL.

We moved from our home in Indiana to Florida. This group of people, at the time, was made up from others who had moved from other parts of the United States with the same longing. We had nothing but each other to live with and share life together. Now the Lord has brought in more people who are local to the area thus establishing Himself deeper in Gainesville, Fl. There were people there at the start of it that laid a foundation of Christ and equipped us to fellowship with and live by an indwelling Christ, together as the body of Christ. It took them 18 months to complete the foundation and equipping. Seven years later and we’re still going strong. 

Now when we arrived in Gainesville at the end of those 18 months. But the foundation of Christ that was laid in and among this group of people was passed on to us and to others that arrived after us. Our desire has always been for the church. But upon entering Gainesville we laid down that desire and became consumed with learning to know and express Christ with our brothers and sisters.

After being apart of this expression for 5 years, we felt a refined desire for the church growing. This desire is to unite and equip others who are longing for the same thing.  

Now our family is older now and we are on another portion of our journey. We spent time out in Southern California doing hands-on training with Milt and Mary Rodriguez. We learned to lay a foundation of Christ and equip God’s people to fellowship with and function under the headship of Christ together.

We are currently in Central Texas.  We are co-hosting a weekly radio program To The Saints.  We are also involved with encouraging local saints and following the Lord’s leading toward a community of believers meeting regularly in this area.

Hope you will join us on our journey! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help connect you with others that are seeking the same thing. We are also happy to connect you with people who can equip your group. Feel free to use the contact form to reach out to us.