• The Rocks Will Cry Out


This beautiful saint is Joelle:

I am an ecologist by trade but the grander focus of my life is pursuing an endless, glory-filled, relentlessly loving Lord. In fall of 2011 I moved to Florida to research aquatic ecosystems and also to be a part of an expression of Christ. In the everyday our group seeks to know Jesus, love one another, and function as the Body of Christ together.

In spite of being a scientist, organization, details, and consistency have never come naturally to me.  (I probably won’t be the person you can count on to have a post every Mon and Thurs at exactly 9:00 am ) I am hoping this blog will be a way to jot down some of the thoughts (and photos) I’ve gathered over years of daily contact with nature.  For a longer look at some of my photos, check out my 15 min slideshow: The Rocks Will Cry Out Video.

I am also hoping I will hear your thoughts. If you have any of your own contemplations from wandering in the woods or thumbing through the Scriptures, please leave them in the comment box or even drop me a line (below)…I would love to hear from you!